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Easy-to-Use S-Monovette® for Glucose Determination

  • Contains fluoride (1.0mg/ml blood) as a glycolysis inhibitor and EDTA (1.2mg/ml blood) as an anticoagulant in a liquid preparation
  • Sample's glucose concentration stabilizes for 24 hours
  • Capable of needle vacuum draws and aspiration (syringe)
  • Designed for reduction in hemolysis rates and repeat sampling
  • Eliminates need for needle holders with proprietary holder
  • Analyzer configuration is simple with provided support
  • Ideal for thin or weak vein draws, as well as pediatric blood collection
  • Lessens the number of butterfly draws
S-Monovette® Glucose, Fluoride
1.2mL • 8 x 66mm
Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
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Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
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