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SAHARA-III Basic Model


Created as the superior alternative to traditional water baths, the SAHARA-III eliminates the risk of contamination from waterborne pathogens through active drying of the storage bag surface. The temperatures of the heating plate and circulating air are adjusted so an equivalent blood-product quality can be achieved in comparison to water-bath procedures. This feature-loaded Heating Plate has an intuitive, easy-to-use design and can simultaneously warm different blood products and storage bags with different filling quantities.

Review Summary

SAHARA-III Basic Model

Latex Free

Dry Thawing and Warming of Blood Components

  • Eliminates the risk of contamination from waterborne pathogens that may occur with traditional water baths
  • Minimal preventative maintenance compared to traditional water baths
  • Active drying of the storage bag surface provides hygienic conditions in the area immediately surrounding the blood product
  • Standardized thawing and heating process provides a blood product quality equivalent to water-bath procedures
  • Delayed key response prevents unintentional interruption of the heating process
  • Presettings of heating times and ambient temperature are not required
  • Warm up to three blood components packed in plastic bags
  • Contactless determination of the blood product temperature (29°–37°C in 1°C increments) using an infrared sensor
  • Gentle agitation achieves a homogenous temperature distribution within the blood products and prevents a mechanical alteration
SAHARA-III Basic Model 115V with Heating Plate
Estimated ship date of 04/16/2021
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