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MarketLab Turn and Tilt Bench Organizer

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With a small footprint of less than 1' x 1', this Organizer is perfect for creating additional storage on benchtops or carts without taking up too much space. Four tilt bins and a five-compartment storage tray provide ample space for tourniquets, gauze, tubes, and other supplies, while a rotating design makes the Organizer easy to access from any direction.

Review Summary

MarketLab Turn and Tilt Bench Organizer

Latex Free
Prop 65

Ample Storage Space in One Compact, Easily Accessible Organizer

  • Excellent for creating additional storage in small spaces
  • Ideal for storing and easily accessing phlebotomy supplies
  • Removable storage tray with five compartments
  • Heavy, sturdy design stays securely in place on carts and benchtops
  • Rotating design for convenient supply access
  • Channels on the top hold the storage tray securely in place
MarketLab Turn and Tilt Bench Organizer • 10.5"W x 11.25"D x 11"H
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