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Invisi-Tag Handheld RFID Asset Tracker Starter System

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Can you account for and ensure equipment availability when it's needed to treat a patient? Invisi-Tag asset tracking is the simplest solution for overcoming asset management challenges that are unique to healthcare environments. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Invisi-Tag identifies "tagged" assets and determines if they are where they need to be. Combines RFID, unique mobile app technology, and automated processes to virtually eliminate paperwork and time-consuming double or triple checks.

ML19479 Invisi-Tag Starter System
  • Handheld RFID Reader (ML19480)
  • Nexus™ 7 Tablet (4G) with rugged case
  • Optional cloud account
  • 15 Metal Tags (ML20733)
  • 15 Non-Metal Tags (ML18463)
  • 5 All-purpose tags (ML20735)

Review Summary

Invisi-Tag Handheld RFID Asset Tracker Starter System

Protect Your Assets!

  • Unique mobile solution simplifies asset tracking
  • Save on capital equipment budgets and increase productivity
  • Immediately identifies tagged assets within 40 feet
  • Reduces labor costs associated with physical inventory checks
  • Increases staff accountability
  • Decreases internal theft
Starter System
Invisi-Tag Handheld RFID Asset Tracker System
Estimated ship date of 03/18/2021
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