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Embryonic Development Model

  • Ovum at time of fertilization with male gamete
  • Zygote at 2-cell stage, approximately 30 hours after fertilization
  • Zygote at 4-cell stage, after around 40-50 hours
  • Zygote at 8-cell stage, after around 55 hours
  • Morula
  • Blastocyst after around 4 days
  • Blastocyst after around 5 days
  • Blastocyst after around 8-9 days
  • Germ cells at approximately the 11th day
  • Germ cells at approximately the 20th day
  • Embryo at around the end of the 1st month of pregnancy
  • Embryo at around the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy

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Embryonic Development Model

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Embryonic Development Model Ideal for Patient Education

  • Model represents the development of the human germ cells from fertilization until the end of the second month of pregnancy
  • Each stage can be removed from the stand for more comprehensive study
  • Three-year warranty
Embryonic Development Model in 12 Stages • 13.6"W x 25.6"L x 2.4"H
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