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6-Part Female Pelvis Model

Latex Free
Prop 65

Highly Detailed Pelvic Model Designed as a Superior Education Tool

  • Six-part model of the female pelvis with detailed topography of the bones, ligaments, vessels, nerves, pelvic floor muscles, and female genital organs
  • Partially removable midsagittally sectioned external anal sphincter, external urethral sphincter, deep and superficial transverse perineal, and bulbospongiosus
  • Removable rectum, uterus with fallopian tubes, ovaries, and vagina can be disassembled into both halves by midsagittal section
  • Right half demonstrates the divisions and topographical anatomy of the common iliac artery, external and internal artery, common iliac vein, and external iliac vein
  • Three-year warranty
Female Pelvis Model
Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
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