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3B MICROanatomy Artery and Vein Model

Latex Free
Prop 65

Enlarged Model Shows the Reciprocal Relationship of Arteries and Veins

  • Shows a medium-sized muscular artery with two adjacent veins from the antebrachial area with adjoining fat tissue and muscle enlarged 14 times
  • Illustrates the basic functional techniques of the venous valves
  • Reveals the various layers of the wall structure in a cross and longitudinal section and top view
  • Rear of the model shows the relief of two veins to illustrate the functional aspect of the venous valves
  • Excellent tool for educating on the human circulatory system
  • Three-year warranty
3B MICROanatomy™ Artery and Vein Model • 14 Times Enlarged
Estimated ship date of 03/09/2021
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