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Get to Know MarketLab’s Insight Cart Family

Multiple Designs to Meet All of Your Healthcare Needs

Our Insight family of carts is designed with every aspect of a healthcare professional's job in mind. From their ease of mobility and ample storage to their durability and value-engineered pricing, they are everything you could ever want in a healthcare cart. Once you've decided on your cart, be sure to browse our selection of useful add-ons and accessories here!

Insight Phlebotomy Cart:
  • Ample storage variety and capacity
  • Industry-recognized casters for quality and durability
  • Modular rail system for arranging components
  • Centralized lock for drawers and door
Insight Ergo Phlebotomy Cart with 5” Casters:
  • Extended, angled handle eliminates bending and hunching over while pushing the cart
  • Ergonomic design promotes superior posture and reduces back and shoulder strain
  • 42” overall height makes cart ideal for taller users
  • Rugged 5” casters
Insight Storage Cart:
  • Five drawers for plentiful storage space
  • Lightweight at 80lb
  • Pullout supplementary work surface
  • Built-in positioning handle and exterior travel handle
Insight Undercounter Storage Cart:
  • Ideal for storing underneath counters, tables, and benchtops
  • Ultra lightweight at 56lb
  • Built-in positioning handle
  • Drawers keyed alike
Insight Slim Storage Cart:
  • Slim design fits easily into tight spaces
  • Four transparent tilt bins and two storage drawers
  • Four removable trays
  • Routed work surface handle for convenient maneuverability
Insight Mobile Microscope Cart:
  • Ideal for cytology departments, labs, and fine-needle aspiration procedures
  • Microscope plate rotates 360° for easy, convenient use at any angle
  • Two flip-out work surfaces that are angle adjustable for added comfort
  • Two 5” drawers and a door all lock with a single electronic lock