3Dee Seating
3Dee Seating 3Dee Seating 3Dee Seating 3Dee Seating 3Dee Seating

The 3Dee Ergonomic Task Chair is a core-strengthening, intelligent seating solution that complements your unique work style. Its innovative design can help relieve back pain, raise energy levels, and improve overall health. The 3Dee allows a full range of motion, allowing you to find your optimum working position.

Review Summary

3Dee Ergonomic Task Chair

Strengthen Your Core with Active Motion Seating

  • Designed without compromise around the natural shape of the human being
  • Incorporates patented 3D technology for better posture and enhanced concentration
  • Activates and strengthens back and core muscles
  • Ergonomically formed lamellar technology, arched backrest
  • Slightly convex "intelligent" seat for optimum comfort without any pressure points
  • Individually adjustable seat accommodates a variety of heights, weights, and sideways movement
  • 290lbs weight capacity
  • Adjustable height range from 17.5"-23"; base diameter of 29.5"
  • Backrest measures 19"W x 16.9"H; seat depth is 22.5" from front edge to outer back edge
Polished Frame
Black Frame
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