Double Glove - Bag Dispenser

Other combination glove/bag dispensers are either too big or too small. But this one is just right. Its perfect size means you don't have to restock it as often as a single glove dispenser. And it doesn't take up as much space as a triple glove dispenser. It tucks in just about anywhere.

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Double Glove - Bag Dispenser

Latex Free

Space-Saving Double-Glove and Bag Dispenser

  • Holds 2 boxes of gloves and 1 roll of biohazard, linen, or garbage bags
  • Dividers suspend boxes independently for easy exchanges
  • Durable acrylic construction with finished edges for a professional look
Double Glove/Bag Dispenser • 10.187"W x 4.125"D x 14"H
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